Amplify Representation
Social, Civil and Busness Ambassadors. We represent your interests and extend your reach to promising business and social communities around the world.
Business Ambassadors
Representing your interests, as well as delivering and amplifying your messaging in the business communities around the world. 

We have worked with Fortune 500 companies and within various industries such as:
  •  Entertainment
  •  High Tech (Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence)
  •  Banking & Financial
  •  Real Estate
Social Ambassadors
Representing your interests, as well as delivering and amplifying your messaging to various social groups worldwide. 

We have worked with:
  •  Various Ethnic Communities
  •  Students
  •  Retirees
  •  Union Members
  •  Academia
  •  Professionals
  •  Technology & General Business Professionals
  •  Lawyers
  •  Financial Planners
  •  Accountants
  •  Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners
Civil Ambassadors
Representing your interests, as well as delivering and and messaging to ordinary people of all socio-economic status and age worldwide.
Events: We host educational and success building events based on the Counterintuitive Intelligence Methodology, developed and extensively used by Steven Melnik, his students and his clients worldwide for the past 20 years. 

Entertainment Media: Hollywood is in the process of creating a special about Mr. Melnik's life journey, his teachings and the lives he has helped change. It is scheduled for release in all major theaters across the United States in Spring 2019.  
Assisting and Representing the interests of:
  •  Corporations and Institutions
  •  Governments, Government Offices & Agencies
In the past, we have assisted:
  •  IRS
  •  Social Security Administration
  •  NYC Office of Human Resources (HRA)/Medicaid
  •  Brooklyn District Attorney's Office
  •  Department of Treasury (*A subcommittee of)
  •  NY State Department of Taxation
  •  NY State Assembly and City Council
  •  Foreign Governments
Happy, fulfilled employees are more productive, more reliable and more likely to stay loyal to their employers. By equipping your employees with valuable tools and life skills, you are enabling their personal and professional growth and simultaneously creating a positive impact on your company economics.   
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