Amplify Workforce
We've developed a methodology to take your workforce to the next level!  Our proven, sustainable process can deliver up to a 5% revenue increase, while cutting as much as 10% of your top three annual expenses. 
  •  Cut employee turnover by as much as 33%
  •  Optimize employee talent & energies
  •  Attract new talent
  •  Shorten time-to-market by as much as 10%
Happy, fulfilled employees are more productive, more reliable and more likely to stay loyal to their employers. By equipping your employees with valuable tools and life skills, you are enabling their personal and professional growth and simultaneously creating a positive impact on your company economics.   
Workshops and Live Events
We host a series of workshops and live events to engage your employees and provide an optimal learning environment.  

We equip them with new, powerful skills based on the Counterintuitive Intelligence Methodology developed and used extensively by Steven Melnik and his students, with great success, over the past 20 years.

These tools are a unique set of skills they can use and apply in their personal and professional lives. 
Coaching and Guidance
We coach and guide employees to help them acquire Counter Intuitive Intelligence Amplifiers and apply the new, powerful tools to life situations both in personal and professional encounters.  
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